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forme fitness


Reformer Pilates


Pilates humbles you.

Forme is a reformer-based Pilates studio with private & group classes designed to help you transform into your best self.

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Forme & Function

Get your in shape.

And the rest of your body too. We offer a variety of classes each week – you’re bound to find something you enjoy.


Our Mission

At Forme Pilates Studio, our mission is to empower individuals to discover their inner strength, enhance their overall well-being, and unlock their true potential through the transformative power of Pilates. With a focus on self-discovery, self-care, and self-expression, Forme Pilates Studio is a sanctuary for rejuvenation and a place where individuals can embrace the joy of movement, cultivate inner strength, and shape their lives.

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Get the best results, ‍for you.

Pilates is a form of exercise that targets a broad range of muscle groups to meet any goal.


Teacher Training Program

Turn your Pilates passion into a career.

Whether you are looking to start a new career in Pilates or deepen your understanding of the practice, our teacher training program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to succeed.

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Pilates is great for the mind & body.

Pilates balances the body by strengthening muscles, enhancing the core, and stretching tight muscles.

A good Pilates workout can act similarly to a sports massage, bringing relief to bunched-up or tight muscles.

Research shows that Pilates can reduce stress with its combination of controlled breathing, inward focus, and relief of tension built up in the muscles.