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Pilates Classes

Learn more about each of our regular Pilates classes – from burning fat, to building muscle, coordination, and endurance.

Be sure to check our schedule regularly for current class offerings.

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Simple Pricing

First time? Check out our Introductory pass pack for the best deal.

Reformer Pilates

Drop in group class rate: $45

Intro Specials:



1 intro group class: $20
4 group classes: $70

1 private class with an instructor: $60

4 private classes with an instructor: $200

1 semi-private with an instructor & plus one: $40 / each

4 semi-private classes $150 / each

For private group rates – inquire at we host private events, bachelorette parties, girls groups, and are open to collaborating with local businesses and beyond.

Monthly Contracts:

$89: 4 group classes a month

$169: 12 group classes a month

If you run out of  group classes you have the option to add on more for $15 each or upgrade your membership

Private & Semi Private Packages:


Private single: $100

Semi-private single: $60 / each

Private 4 pack: $360

Semi-private 4 pack: $220 / each

Private 8 pack: $700

Semi-private 8 pack: $420 / each

Forme Unlimited


Enjoy Pilates everyday! Get the freedom to schedule as many classes as you’d like, and bring in up to two different besties a month.


Pilates Classes

Focus on the core fundamentals of Pilates.

Build muscle & burn fat with the ultimate workout.

This workout will help you shape your body into the ultimate hourglass figure.

Enhance your strength, core, & alignment.

Get the ultimate burn with this Pilates-Barre hybrid.

Level 2/3 practitioners, grow stronger and more confident through new challenges

Get challenged, burn calories, and elevate heart rate in our 50-minute HIIT class.

Relax, and unwind in a candlelit class with essential oils, emphasizing breath, movement, and relaxation.

Energize your body in a 50-minute session, focusing on core, stretching, and strengthening.



Our Mission

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all ages and fitness levels can cultivate physical and mental harmony. We believe in the power of movement as a catalyst for personal growth, and we strive to inspire our clients to lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forme Pilates is your one-stop shop for all things Pilates! We offer reformer-based Pilates classes, which are a fantastic way to build muscle, burn fat, improve your heart health, and even ease aches and pains. Whether you're a seasoned Pilates pro or a complete beginner, our classes can be tailored to your fitness level and goals.

At Forme Pilates, we specialize in reformer-based Pilates classes. These classes use a special piece of equipment called a reformer, which adds an extra layer of challenge and can help you target specific muscle groups.

We offer both group classes and private sessions! Group classes are a great way to meet new people and stay motivated, while private sessions allow you to get personalized attention from our instructors.

Absolutely! Forme Pilates welcomes people of all fitness levels. Our instructors are experienced in working with beginners and can help you modify the exercises to fit your needs.

Forme Pilates offers teacher training programs for those who want to take their passion for Pilates to the next level. Check out our website for more information!