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Teacher Training

For future training, please leave us your contact info so that we can notify you when our next training is happening.

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The training will be 6 weeks long.

This is a 450 hour teacher training full of intensive learning material that will require time and effort on your part.


It will cost $4,500 and can be broken down into two or three payment plans, whatever works best for you.

After the completion of your training, you will be able to teach Pilates anywhere. Who knows, you may end up with us if it’s the right fit.

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Pilates classes

All hours that need to be done after comprehension is up to the student. We will do a discount for teachers to complete hours in studio but it’s highly encouraged to finish your hours outside of Forme to widen your experience.


Required hours to complete in order to apply for final evaluation and test out to receive a 450hour certificate of completion from Adriana Vargas/Pilates Mentor Teacher Training.

Lecture Hours

Students will receive a 100 hours equivalent of Pilates education bymentor Adriana Vargas. Meeting at the studio, Saturdays and Sundays for 6 consecutive weekends.

Pilates teaching

Observation Hours

Students need to observe a total of 120 hours of other qualified instructors. Classes or pilates sessions can be observed by mentor Adriana Vargas and other instructors but not limited to Forme Pilates. Students are advised to observe classes in other studios to gain more experience. Since the COVID-19 pandemic Students are also allowed to observe online classes from the Pilates Anytime website

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Self Practice

Students need to complete 120 hours of self practice on the Pilates mat and reformer. This practice can be done but not limited to Forme Pilates studio equipment. Group classes taken at your home studio, practicing at your pilates home equipment and home studio (internship) count towards the completion of these hours

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Assisting Teaching

Students are encouraged to assist other instructors classes if necessary to gain confidence and learn how to conduct a class with the help of an experienced instructor. This 40 hours can be obtained by applying for an internship. Most studios hired instructors in training. If students don’t have a teacher to assist, these hours can be rolled over to teaching hours

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Teaching Hours

Students need to complete a total of 70 hours of practice teaching to gain more confidence, teaching experience and learn how to create a good flow.Experiencing all kinds of clients with different fitness levels or special conditions to gain more practice on modifying to all clients.These hours can be done by teaching at home to friends and family or in some cases at your home studio by applying for an internship.

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Group of women in a Pilates studio.

Pilates Teacher Training Final Evaluation

Students can complete their final in person at the Forme Pilates studio within a year of enrollment.

Students can also complete their final assessment online by instructing a 50 to 55 minute workout video on the Pilates mat and reformer. Upload your video to YouTube and send me an email with the link for assessment.

Upon the completion of the final assessment and payment submission and if all therequirements are met, Students will receive a 450 hour Certificate of Completion from Pilates Mentor and signed by mentor Adriana Vargas in the mail no later than two weeks aftersubmitting the video.

Frequently asked Questions

You don’t need any prior training or Pilate education. This Pilates program will teach you the fundamental mat and reformer repertoire to jumpstart your Pilates Career.

You’ll learn the necessary information to conduct a private lesson on a mat or reformer, modify if your client has any prior injuries, and develop the ability to conduct a group class from beginner to advanced level.

$4,500. Yes, payment plans are available. You’ll be able to do 1/2 payments or split them into 3. Everything will be due by the first day and is non-refundable after the first day. You’ll need to provide a valid CC and will be automatically withdrawn on the dates you pick when you choose which payment plan.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after your complete the requirements and successfully pass your final assessment. You can teach on any mat or reformer base studio after the completion of your training.